Georgia fishing has ancient history. Greek historian Strabo (I c.) Points out that the Black Sea is one of the agricultural areas populated by the tribes of Fisheries. Late feudal documents show that almost every feudal serf-fishermen had. The abundance of fish in the rivers and lakes indicate Vakhushti. Lists of fees referred to in the market often raise sturgeon, salmon and other fresh fish. The diversity of the landscape (The abundance of water reservoirs) allows pond fisheries development and fish widely acclimatization. For this purpose, introduced several fish species:

Day 1: Tour in Mtskheta

Day 2: Tbilisi-Gori-Kutaisi

Day 3: Kutaisi-Poti

Day 4: Poti-Paliastomi Lake

Day 5: Poti-Paliastomi Lake

Day 6: Poti-Batumi

Day 7: Batumi-Tbilisi

Fishing Tour Georgia
7 Day
ID: IN25
Price includes:
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Guide Service
  • Meal
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Black See Shore
  • Paliastomi Lake
  • Rivers