Day 1: Tbilisi-Omalo

Day 2: Omalo-Keselo-Que-Omalo

The route starts from the village of Omalo and villages of Upper Omalo through the center Keselo prison. Prison and ethnographic museums in the bottom can be switched on. Bottom of the pine forests surrounding the village of Omalo is called a field. Kue's perspective possible is to observation wild goat and bird watching. Kue's perspective to observation wild goat is easier to see in the evening (17:00 - 19:00).

Day 3: Omalo-Ghele-Dartlo

The route starts from the village of Omalo and runs in the bottom - Pirikiti, Gometsari and Chaghma communities and the field is at a crossroads. Out of Tsiteltis pine slope Sackhene trail goes contrary-Gometsari's Watershed range pass - on stream. "Stream" Therefore, in the traditional Tushetian from all four communities along the watershed ridge on the northern slope of Dartlo gathering place Ghele direction. Dartlo long draws attention for its architectural ensemble and an attractive landscape.

Day 4: Dartlo-Dano-Kvavlo-Ghele-Omalo

Horse-riding path going up to the village of Dano Dartlo village, from where the road goes Kvavlo. On the way to Dartlo's Pyramidal roof overlooking the tower. The village is situated on a rocky mountain slopes. Are connected to each other paths. Kvavlo village to go the same way back to the village and the village of Omalo Dartlo.

Day 5: Dartlo-Girevi

The trail runs along the left bank of the river Alazani Dartlo Reversed. The route passes through the following villages: Chesho and Farsma, the trail ends at the village Girevi.

Day 6: Girevi-Tbilisi

Day 7: Tour in Tbilisi

Horse Riding Tour Georgia
7 Day
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